Monday, April 12, 2010

Challenger Battle kicked-off last weekend

Challenger battle kicked-off last weekend between the 3 bottom clubs in the PVFA premiere division and the top 3 teams in the first division table, at the Kawenu field.
Challenger battle is a substitute name for relegation playoffs which is a process that takes place at the end of every PVFA season in which teams in premiere division are relegated to the first division.

The Challenger Battle match which have been scheduled to take place last Thursday between Shepherds and Seveners was cancelled due to bad weather but Saturday's matches proceeded between Erakor F.C. and Yatel F.C. and Westan Broncos taking Ifira Blackbird.

The first match between Erakor Golden Stars and Yatel F.C., the Paama sharks still claimed their position as from premiere origin when they beat the Golden Stars by 2 goals to 1.

Unfortunately, the the premiere division competitor, Westan Broncos was defeated by a young Black Bird team by 1 goal to 0 in the 2nd match at Kawenu Field.

The wining and only goal for the match was recorded by another young footballer to look out for, Kalsakau Lorenso from Ifira Black Bird.

Goal scorers: 1st Match - 21' Kalangis Kalsong, 33' Andrew Hungai, 77' Bill David

2nd Match - Kalsakau Lorenso

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