Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 2 NSL: Academy improves

Academy team have improved in day 2 of the NSL when they held current PVFA champion to a 2-2 draw.

Jean Kaltak open the score for Academy in the first half of the match but Fenedy equalizes later and Robert Yalou added another goal few minutes later, but Jean Kaltak responded with another great goal closing the scoreboard at 2 goals to 2.

It is an unfortunate moment for Amicale who are the tournament favorites to be treated to a draw by very young boys from Academy.

Vanuafoot spoke to the Academy side over their loss in day 1 to Spirit 08 and they pointed out few reasons but believe they have improved this week.

Meanwhile, the earlier match between Tafea F.C. and Spirit 08 saw the former blue color cruised past Spirit with 2 goals to 1 by goals from Joseph Tahumphrey, Jean Nakou Naprapol, Francois Sakama.

Photo: Academy team, also known as Vanuatu U20 squad.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Academy for proving that amical is not that strong, For amical; do not think you are unbeatable. You may have to dig up your reserves if you are going to win this tourno. You are becoming complacent. Wake up, train harder and seriously, You may lose this tourno if you are noy carefull. We supporters do not expect you to lose thisl ok. play and win for your supporters. I know the pressure is on but we know you can do it.

Manaseh said...

Yeah well I would say you both doing both my team....i am very happy to see you wining your games. Train hard and play hard..."YES WE CAN" - Academy and Amocal FC.

Mona said...
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