Friday, April 16, 2010

Moise says 'Sorry'

Tafea F.C.
Tafea F.C. captain, Moise Poida in a statement to Vanuafoot this week over the 27 March event, Moise said sorry for what had happened that painted a dark page on Vanuatu's football history.

"Tafea F.C. boys are terribly sorry for what had happened that day and we wish to apologise to the President of the Republic of Vanuatu, Cabinet Ministers of the Republic, Sponsors who are contributing to Vanuatu football, Port Vila Football Association, Clubs that are affiliated to PVFA, Vanuatu Football Federation and football fans around Vanuatu for what had happened on 27 March at Port Vila Municipal Stadium. We wish to say sorry and assured everyone that such incident will not happen again in the future", said Moise Poida.

Moise also extended the apology to little kids and 'pikinini's who came to watch football that day and asked them not to be discouraged over such incidents.

After the 27 March event a lot of comments and criticisms were posted on Vanuafoot website and letters published on Vanuatu daily post 'letter to editor' in condemn over the actions.

"We accept criticisms and comments made by fans on Vanuafoot website and Daily Post. We take it to improve our club and better develop football in Vanuatu, but some comments are far too negative and that is something I cannot accept", said Moise Poida.

Tafea F.C. is the only local club that has been representing Vanuatu in the O-league over the past years, and majority of the players have represented Vanuatu in international matches.


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C'est bien Moise, mais c'est pas à toi d'assumer la connerie des autres, mais je te comprends


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