Friday, April 16, 2010

Moise Poida: My players were first to act protect the referee

Tafea Moise Poida receiving the BRED Cup |
Tafea F.C. captain, Moise Poida in a statement to Vanuafoot this week over the 27 March event, Moise said his players were the first to act protect the referee Michael Hester after he was pushed down on the pitch by an angry spectator and those who stormed the pitch.
"The event is so shocking and I personally sympathize with those affected, and my boys feel the same too", said Moise Poida.

"We played in many local and international matches as good ambassadors of our beautiful country, but what happened on the pitch that day was wrong and we wish to apologise to all soccer fans for what had happened. I promise such incidents will not happen again in the future", he said.
Moise played in many international matches including the OFC selection that played France 98 World Cup team in New Caledonia.

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