Friday, April 16, 2010

Spirit ready to meet Tafea

Former National coach and Fiji Coach who is currently coaching Spirit 08 football club, Carlos Buzzetti, gears up the Spirits to meet rivals Tafea F.C. tomorrow 17th April at PVM Stadium.

"I know Tafea players have had a lot of football experiences in and out, and this is an opportunity for us to play at championship level", said Buzzetti.

Tafea F.C. and Spirit 08 F.C. had a draw in their last game, but both are hoping to take 'win' on their side this weekend.

"I have very young players but they are well disciplined, and we will take the match seriously because we know Tafea have been champion for 15-years", said Buzzetti.

Tafea F.C. recently made changes to its administration that saw Saby Natonga becomes president of the club and also takes the coaching role.

After their match at 1pm, Amicale will play the Teouma Football Academy team.

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