Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fenedy scored hat-tricks to create victory for Amicale

Academy F.C. started their NSL matches with a loss to Spirit 08 but then manage to put themselves together and held all their NSL matches against Tafea, Amicale, Tupuji and Spirit, to draws.

This afternoon, they played their first 2nd leg match and were defeated by 3 goals to 0 by superb hat-tricks from Amicale's own rocket, Fenedy Masauvakalo.

Amicale played well today with great performances from their experienced players having missed to convert easy goals and set a hard lock for the Academy to get through their defense but easily managed to cruise past the Academy's side to back their goals in.

What was expected of Academy turned out dull because they had no winning chances and it was Amicale in ball possession the full 90-minutes pressurizing the Academy defense that saw a young elite defender, Brian Kaltak was red card'ed after 2nd caution.

But Academy was quick to substitute to seal the loop holes and take the game to a final 3-0 with superb ball work and skills on an inclement weather condition.

Captain Fenedy Masauvakalo will be praised by his fans and Amicale fanatics for scoring all 3 goals against the young football scholars, and he sent the message out clear that they came to win and not draw again.

"I said to my boys, last time we draw against Academy, this time we must not allow them to deride us or be victorious, and the outcome is good", said Fenedy when he was interviewed by Vanuafoot. "I wish to thank God for the victory", he said.

Meanwhile, the 2nd match between Tafea F.C. and Spirit 08 was canceled by a decision from the match officials after consultations with the groundsman and PVFA of the poor pitch condition caused by bad weather.

In a later message to football fans, PVFA apologized to all and assured those who paid tickets to watch the two Southern Islands club, a free entry for all, for their re-match next week.

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