Monday, May 24, 2010


5-time SPG Gold Medalist and current 'STOP HIV' Champion, Ms Anolyn Lulu participated in an awareness session on STOP HIV and Anti-Doping with the pre-selection of the Womens National Football Team who are preparing for a tournament in New Zealand in September.

About 25 girls gathered at the Antoine Rossie Field for the session.

Ms Lulu spoke briefly on Play True letting everyone know that there are substances that are banned from athletes. I also mention about marijuana as an illegal drugs.

She explained what STOP HIV is and what we are doing and briefly about what is Sport and HIV.

The 5-time SPG Gold Medalist also explained what is HIV, what it does to the body, how many body parts the virus passes through and also explain ABC.

She also shared with them the importance and playing safe and to be good role models.

In conclusion, Anolyn shared her story and was appreciacive of their responses.

A big thank you to the Port Vila Women's Soccer President for seeing the importance of such awareness especially on HIV prevention through sport.

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