Monday, May 17, 2010

NSL: Amicale records first win in 2nd round

Billy Kidston 23, looking to the sky after his opening goal |
Amicale F.C. and Tafea F.C have now 10 points each on the table after Amicale F.C. won Tupuji Imere on Saturday 15th of May at the PVM Stadium.

Billy Kidston opened the score 25 minutes in the game followed by a beatiful blast by Rodney from Tupuji 40 minutes later.

Batram Suri ended the first half with a winning add-on before Derreck Malas ended the scoreboard with a superb 20-25 metre shot in the centre as Chikau Mansale looks helpless to make a save.

Saturday's matches starts the 2nd round of the NSL tournament that saw Tafea leading in the first round now have 10 points equal with Amicale F.C and the red devils could change the story in the 2nd round if they win all their matches.

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