Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Players are at risk if there are no medics

Players playing in the league are at risk if there are no medics and proper facilities to deal with injuries during a game.

Vanuafoot captured this moment where no medic was available at last week PVFA U-20 matches between Yatel and Pango Green Bird at the PVM Stadium.

A Yatel player got injured but took no one's attention and there were no medics available to assist the player who looks to be in terrible pain.

It is understood that some clubs provided their own medics but in case of absent medics in an organised PVFA tournament, raises the questions as to who will be responsible if any accident occurs.

As we are developing soccer to higher degree of games and competition, some standards needs to be raised and apply not only at international but at every level.


Anonymous said...

This is shocking, common VFF/PVFA, do something!

Anonymous said...

hey..Harry good to expose the situation... we are just waiting for the same thing to happen like the security incident during the O league match....before we take action...i hope VFF and PVFA do read this......

for the good of soccer.


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