Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football Fans Get Ready for TVL 2010 Kick off

Excitement is building around Vanuatu football fans in anticipation for the most prestigious TVL soccer tournament in Port Vila.  Vanuatu Football Federation Technical Director, Charles Vatu has announced last week that the tournament will be held in Port Vila from 18th October to 27th October 2010.

Three top clubs of Southern Region will play each other to find the winner to play Northern Region Champion, Vaum United Football Club in the final on the 25th and 27th October 2010.

Shepherds United Football Club (PVFA first division champion 2009/ 2010), Lakotau Football Club (Shefa Football Association) and Hilands Football Club of Tafea Football Association will kick off the TVL Cup on the 18th October 2010.


Venue: Port Vila Stadium

Monday 18th October           15:30hrs               Shepherds United FC    vs          Lakotau FC

Wednesday 20th October     15:30hrs               Lakotau FC                    vs          Hilands FC

Saturday 23rd October          15:30hrs              Hilands FC                      vs         Shepherds United FC


"This is going to be a challenging tournament for the three clubs," VFF Technical Director, Charles Vatu said. "Shepherds United, Lakotau and Hilands FC are good teams and consistently play strong competitions in their provinces. I am completely confident that the fans will enjoy the tournament."

2010 TVL Cup Grand finals (Home and Away matches).

Venue: Port Vila Stadium

Monday 25th October          15:30hrs              Vaum United (Santo)         vs      Winner Southern Region

Wednesday 27th October    15:30hrs             Winner Southern Region    vs      Vaum United (Santo)

Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) is the biggest Partner of Vanuatu Football Federation for the last 10 years and VFF would like to thank the company for their continuous sponsorship for football development in the country.

Winner of TVL Cup 2010 will play Tafea FC (PVFA Premier 2009/2010 runner up) in the final of 2010 Bred Cup on the 30th October 2010.


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