Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bred Bank becomes sponsor for the U 20 Tournament

Bred Bank Vanuatu will become the flagship sponsor for the U 20 tournament. Port Vila Football Association is proud to announce that the tournament will kick off this Saturday in Port Vila.

The tournament consists of four pools with 12 teams already register to participate in Youth Bred Football Tournament.

Pool 1: Academy 1, Amical and Lopatu.

Pool 2: Tafea, Epau and Yatel.

 Pool 3: Academy 2, Erakor and Ifira Black Bird.

 Pool 4: North Efate, Tupuji Imere and Pango Green Bird.

Bred Bank has been involved with football sponsorship for few years now and after the years of relationship with VFF; Port Vila Football Association is currently re-focusing its marketing priorities to promote the Bank.

One member of the PVFA executive said, "I think that football is the best sport in Vanuatu and we have the opportunity to attract even more fans in this country, as well as abroad, if we keep promoting it to our young children and we must thank Bred bank for their support in youth football,"

"To find top players of tomorrow, we must start promoting football for youth now. The football lessons we teach the young players of today will be with them for the rest of their lives, and there is no better place to teach children about the World than on the field of play."


Program for this Saturday 25 September 2010

10am        Pool 1   Academy 1 vs Amical        Field: Amical

11:30am   Pool 2   Tafea vs Epau                  Field: Academy

13:00hrs   Pool 3   Academy 2 vs Erakor        Field: Academy

14:30hrs   Pool 4   North Efate vs Tupuji        Field: Academy


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