Thursday, September 23, 2010

We always enjoy playing Tafea, says Nalyal

Spirit 08 cruised through their opening 2010/2011 Championship game
with a win over Yatel Football Club last weekend but the team
officials are not happy with the player's performance.

The damage was done in the opening half with first goal scored from
Edu David before Yatel equalize and second half goal from young Robert
Tasso (9)gave the Spirit  3 points on the table.

Edward Nalyal 08 team manager said, "Our boys had probably their worst
game in a long time. Some of our boys played very poorly as some had
not trained properly the week before. "

Edward says he is in confident mood as his team prepare for a
potentially tough match against Tafea next week.

"This week we are focusing on good training to prepare for the game
with Tafea in 1 week time (we have a bye this weekend). All said, we
are happy with the 3 points as a good start for us in the 2010/11

"It's true Tafea were a problem for us last year - they beat us many
times. They might be another problem for us this time, but if our boys
train hard and play well maybe we can beat them."

 "We always enjoy playing against Tafea as they are experienced team
and we can measure our progress by how we compete against Tafea," he

Last week result: Spirit 08 2 vs Yatel 1, Academy 2 vs Ifira Black
Bird 0, Shepherds United 2 vs Tupuji 1

This Saturday schedules:

12:00         Academy     vs        Tafea

13:45         Yatel FC       vs        Ifira Black Bird

15:30        Amical FC    vs        Tupuji Imere FC


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