Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Objective to be in top 5, says United coach

New Comer of the Premier Division, Shepherds United beat Tupuji 2-1 in their first premier match after 5 years last Saturday. The man behind Shepherds victory is the head coach, Albert Manaroto who guides them to win the first division championship last season and last week he helps the team to beat one of strongest football clubs in Port Vila, Tupuji Imere.

Albert said, "The boys have performed well in the first division last season and now we are looking forward to play the premier clubs."

The boys played well when we beat Tupuji Imere last Saturday and its good news for our supporters who really support us from the beginning."

"There will be new challenge, but for this season my boys are ready 100 percent to play. People must have objectives in life and in football our objective to be in top 5," he added.

United boys will not be on the field this weekend and will play Yatel FC next week at Port Vila Stadium.

"We'll play against Yatel next week. A victory would help us remain calm. Three points are always important because you never know how crucial the clubs may be at the end of the season.""This week, we will be able to identify exactly what are weaknesses are and what we need to improve upon in addition to our team strengths and what we need to continue doing well in order to play Yatel FC  next Saturday," he concluded.


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