Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amical 3-1 Tafea: Fenedy and Moffet Super Reds past Tafea

Amical FC maintained their six-point lead at the top of the TVL
Premier League in Port Vila as Fenedy Masauvakalo scored two goals in
the first half and Solomon International Moffet in the second half
earned them a 3-1 win over Tafea Football Club. Jean Nako of Tafea
scored the only goal for the Power reds in 90 minutes of the match.

The Super Reds victory over Tafea is encouraged by signs of a renewed
team spirit as Amical is now preparing hard to play Hekari on the 23rd
October 2010 in Papua New Guinea .

Amical coach Philimon John said that he was very happy with how his
team performed last Saturday. He told Vanuafoot: "Something is being
created here. The team was not discouraged and always believed in the
victory, and this state of mind pleases me very much."

"Before this match I said the team lacked experience and a single
match cannot change that. We experienced a difficult first half
against a team which defended rigorously and took no risks and we were
unable to create clear chances but thank God for Fenedy for the two

"At half-time I asked the players to be patient and not to get too
excited. After the break, the match was very open and they, like us,
had opportunities to open the scoring. What made the difference was
the physical freshness of those who came on.''

Fenedy Masauvakalo said, "We created many chances, and in this kind of
game we needed to be calm. The patience paid off and I dedicated our
win to God because every time I play I must ask for God for his
protection and to help me play fair and respect my opponent in the
field of play."

In the other matches, Academy beat Tupuji 2-1 and Spirit 08 beat
Shepherds United 2-0


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