Thursday, October 14, 2010

Referees stop boycotting matches, says Lambert Maltock

Vanuatu Football Federation President, Lambert Maltock reminded all referees in Vanuatu, especially Port Vila, that his executive do not want to see referees boycotting Port Vila Football Association matches again in the future.

Mr. Maltock made some very strong remarks before he officially open the FIFA MA referee course in Port Vila on Monday 11th October 2010, at Teouma Football Academy.

"We must not practice such stance, and I as President, will not tolerate such hindrance to football in Vanuatu. We must work together for the betterment of football in Vanuatu and need to move forward. Our priority is to serve our country's football federation and people who support football in Vanuatu. If there are no players, clubs, association and competition, there are no referees", he said.

"The clubs and players spend their money on affiliation fees, team uniforms and more and they don't get paid for what they do, and referees have free uniform from VFF, OFC and FIFA and also receive allowance from MAs and still create issues. Please act responsibly and lets work together to develop football in Vanuatu", he said.

He also stressed that any referees boycotting matches in the future will be disciplined and suspended from his/her role as a referee in Vanuatu.

"Since I came to work with the Vanuatu Football Federation in 2007, the federation administration and finance were in a mess. It was not easy for the team, and we have been working hard for the last 3 years despite the crisis we face, but one of the objectives we focus on, is to keep football alive in the country and at the same time we try to maintain the credibility of football in the field of play and also the performance of refereeing", he said.

"In 2007, the federation has thirty six million debt deficitand it was not easy for me and my executive to find solution to that, and today, as President, I am proud to say, the 36 Million Vatu debt has now removed from our accounts".

"My next mission now is to focus on football development and want to see referees performance improves in Vanuatu. I want to thank OFC RAP team for what they have done for Vanuatu Referees and Massimo, thank you and your team for the time you will be spending here to help Vanuatu referees", said Mr. Maltock.


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