Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stay motivated and play smart Amical, said Buzzetti and Poida

Carlos Buzzetti and Moise Poida have made calls to Amicale F.C. to
stay motivated and play smart when they meet their challenger this

The Spirit 08 and former National and Fiji Technical Director, Carlos
Buzzetti, and Veteran national player Moise Poida, have expressed
their wishes to Amical Football Club as they prepare to meet with
Hekari F.C. this Saturday, in Papua New Guinea.

"Good luck to you as Champions, but stay motivated and play smart,"
said Mr. Buzzeti.

"Hekari will be very strong in their home ground and they will
continue to fight their journey, but always think positive and play
well", he said.

"Spirit 08 is behind you and I am sure you will play a fantastic match
against the OFC Club Champion in PNG", he concluded.

Carlos praised Amical for wining the championship last season and wish
them all their best in their match this weekend.

On another call, former Tafea F.C. and National Team captain, who also
played the historical match with the Oceania side against France 98
National Team, Moise Poida, also expressed his view on Amical's

"Amical is a very strong team and they have been playing very good
football and deserve to play in the O League", he said.

"In 2001, my team went into the final with Wollongong Wolves of
Australia in PNG and we lost by 1-0 to the Wolves in the last minutes
of the game".

"We prepared well before the game by establishing a camp in Australia
and we stay there for a week before flying to PNG, and we believe that
has produced good results when we reach the final of the O-League for
the first time", said Poida.

"Amical, have a different strategy in contrast to Tafea. No overseas
trip, but I can assure everyone that they are very strong with a very
good team composition. I do wish them all the best this weekend in
PNG", he concluded.

Amical F.C. flew out from Port Vila on yesterday afternoon to Brisbane
and then to Papua New Guinea on Thursday morning.

The match between Amical and Hekari will be broadcast live on Radio
Vanuatu on Saturday.


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