Thursday, October 21, 2010

TVL Premier League: Tupiji Imere wins at last against Spirit 08

Toroi Sokomanu's side got their first win of the campaign.

Tupuji Imere F.C. picked up their first win of the TVL Premier League
last weekend after beating Spirit 08 2-1.

The first goal came from a young Imere's striker, Silas Frank.

Silas managed a good ball work to the right side of the Spirit defense
and makes a fine shot of his life that drives a hit on the crossbar
and went in to the Blue's net.

Spirit managed to equalize from a great touch by Didier but they could
not stop the pressure when minutes later, Tupuji veteran captain, Anto
Malapa converted a penalty to give them the victory.

Tupuji Head coach Toroi Sokomanu said, "I am very happy with my young
team. They played well today. We lost three of our matches in the
championship and it will be very hard for us to catch up if we lose
this match, but today I am very happy with the 3 points secured by my

"Silas Frank's goal made me jump because it's a beautiful goal to
watch. He worked hard with the ball and made a good shot in the end".

"I wish to thank my supporters who are always here in every game to
give their support to us", said a happy Sokomanu.

"We are also proud because we are producing good players who have and
will continue to play here and with different clubs around Port Vila,
and people in our village of Mele are very proud of that too", he

Tupuji Imere F.C. is well known in Vanuatu for producing good players
like Seimata Chilia and David Chilia who were played against with
Spirit 08 F.C., Alfred Malas in Tafea F.C., Derek Malas and Fenedy
Masauvakalo with Amical F.C. and Seule Soromon in New Zealand.


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