Friday, October 1, 2010

Supporters must respect referees, Vanua

Referees in Port Vila are asking Port Vila Football Association to look seriously into referee matters after supporters exchange strong words with the match officials last week at Port Vila stadium.

Vanua Bani, President of the Port Vila Referee Committee said, "The supporters must have some respect from the referees. We are not paid full time to do the job. I don't think football fans in Vanuatu understand the Laws of the game. The duty of the referee is not that easy. The first thing to understand about a referee is that his / her greatest trait is invisibility. Ideally, the referee will make virtually no impact on the progress of the game. Nevertheless, the referee must be prepared to take control of the situation when necessary".

According to FIFA guides, the referee's job is to make sure he or she has the:

Knowledge of the Rules or Laws of the Game
Being in the proper position to see what fouls may be committed
Having the support of a strong training and mentoring organization, providing instruction prior to, and feedback after the game
Being personally dedicated to doing the best job possible and its not that easy". He added.

"Sometimes one referee officiate 2 to 3 matches a day because the club don't provide their referees, he said. We also want the league to look into our safety. The securities we have now are not neutral. We want new security company to look after us in our next matches and also we want an increase of our allowance", he added.

PVFA executive has met with the referees committee and decide to help them out and also decided that there will be no matches this weekend and re-schedules the matches to next week.


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