Friday, October 22, 2010

Tafea prepares to meet Yatel tomorrow

Vanuatu Power Reds Tafea F.C., are aiming to secure 6 points when they
meet Yatel F.C. in the Port Vila TVL Premier League match at 1pm

The match is considered a very important one for the Reds since they
have played 2 matches and lost 1 to Amical F.C. 2 weeks ago, by 3-0.

With the absence of Moisa Poida in the last session, saw a drop in
Tafea's power house, but the former captain now indicated to Vanuafoot
that he is returning to the pitch.

"I am back and will play for my club tomorrow. We respect Yatel a lot
because they can be winners and we have lost to them before, but we
are prepared", said Poida.

"We accept the fact that we are behind Amical and others in classment,
but we will not give up on the race", he said.

"Francois Sakama is a quality player, but playing along side Tafea's
new young striker, Noal Morris, it's difficult, so will rely on Jean
Nako tomorrow", he concluded.

Yatel F.C. is also focusing on the match and have indicated importance
of forwards strikers like Peter Lency.

They have lost one match with Spirit and a draw with Shepherds United.

PVFA TVL Premier League

Date 23rd October 2010

Tafea vs Yatel

Venue: Port Vila Stadium

Time: 13:00hrs (Vanuatu time)


Shepherds United vs Hilands

Time: 15:00hrs (Vanuatu time)


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