Friday, October 22, 2010

VFF TVL Cup : Lakotau draw with Hilands 3-3

Lakotau F.C. of Shefa performed well in their last and final match of
the Southern Region VFF TVL Cup yesterday with a draw with Tafea
Football Association Champion, Hilands.

Heavy rain poured as the match begins, but it did not tampered
Lakotau's striker, Wilfred Alban's shot to goal in the 19 minutes.

Hilands Jimmy Iakel returned a goal 28 minutes later, but before half
time, Shefa Champions pulled one back when Jefferey Kalran scored in
the 39 minutes putting the half time score at 2-1.

Hilands Jemson Ruben equalizes for the Blues 69 minutes in the 2nd
half, but Lakotau continues to press on the Southern Island team when
Kalmet Lawa inserted the third goal for the Greens.

Hilands continues to attack in the last 15 minutes and were paid off
when Samson Tarif hit the back of Lakotau net to make it 3-3.

Both teams traded prime opportunities to score the game-winner in
added time, but no one found the back of the net before the final

Lakotau Captain Jacques Kalotuk said, "The weather is not good today
but we played better than Saturday. We should have won this match but
that's football. After all, I think a 3-3 draw was fair for both

Hilands Captain, Ken Puru Iata also blamed the poor weather conditions.

"We are happy with the draw, but again the weather is not too good to
play for us", said Ken Puru. "My boys really work hard to return back
the equalizer", he said.

"We will now focus on our last and a very important match against
Shepherds United this Saturday. We are here to represent our province
and play to win", he added.

Hilands will play Shepherds United of Port Vila on Saturday at 3:00pm
and the winner will play Northern Region champion Vaum United on

If Hilands must beat United to move to the top of the classment, and
United just need a draw to enter to final with Vaum United next week.


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